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Wonderlink GDPR-compliant

Wonderlink is your digital business card, accessible through your bio link on all social media platforms.

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Strong brands
rely on Wonderlink

These brands are already using Wonderlink, along with over 30,000
influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Become part of the community.

  • wonderlink - community - Till Reiners
    /Till Reiners
  • wonderlink - community - Negah Amiri
    /Negah Amiri
  • wonderlink - community - O2 can do
    /O2   can do
  • wonderlink - community - Sparkasse
  • wonderlink - community - Niklas Kolorz
    /Niklas Kolorz
  • wonderlink - community - cricut
  • wonderlink - community - Vodafone
  • wonderlink - community - Mathe mit Nick
    /Mathe mit Nick
  • wonderlink - community - dm TECH
    /dm TECH
  • wonderlink - community - Anna Strigl
    /Anna Strigl
  • wonderlink - community - pattydoo
  • wonderlink - community - VersicherungenMitKopf
  • wonderlink - community - billiger.de
  • wonderlink - community - PLAYBOY

For your

Wonderlink is a GDPR-compliant alternative to Linktree & Co.

We do not use user tracking or tracking cookies and rely solely on servers based in Germany. This makes Wonderlink a 100% GDPR-compliant alternative to all link tree providers that require you to pay with your data. You can use Wonderlink for advertising purposes in your bio on Instagram and TikTok with a clear conscience.

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Wonderlink is 100% GDPR compliant and has been audited by the IT-Recht Kanzlei

Do you use Instagram for your business?

Every commercial social media profile must comply with the legal requirements.

If you use social media for your business, you are required to provide a legal notice, terms and conditions, privacy policies or terms of service. You can add all legal documents to your Wonderlink with just one click. Our service grants you complimentary access to a privacy policy valued at €7 per month.

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Create your own Wonderlink
in just a few minutes

  • Choose your Wonderlink name and off you go.
  • Add as many links as you want. Fast and easy.
  • Choose a color, upload your profile picture and you're done.

Unleash your full potential with Wonderlink pro

We don't sell data, we sell the PRO version.

Our detailed statistics provide insights into the performance of each individual link. The pro version allows you customise your page with your own design. Start with our (Wonderlink) free version and upgrade when you're ready.

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The media loves Wonderlink

  • "Wonderlink from Germany clearly focusses on data protection."

    "Wonderlink from Germany clearly focusses on data protection."

    heise.de - News service for IT
  • "Wonderlink: a very chic business card for the Internet"

    "Wonderlink: a very chic business card for the Internet"

  • "Wonderlink is smart, intuitive and uses neither tracking nor cookies. It can also be used commercially without hesitation."

    "Wonderlink is smart, intuitive and uses neither tracking nor cookies. It can also be used commercially without hesitation."

    Page — Magazine for creative media design, publishing and trends
  • "Wonderlink is free and operates from Germany"

    "Wonderlink is free and operates from Germany"

    Arminius IT — blog


Wonderlink is an innovative platform designed to help you create a mobile bio site. This single link in bio provides your followers with a concise overview of all your social media profiles, stores, and services. Your Wonderlink serves as a central hub for all your online activities and shared content.
A bio site is a mobile, one-page website that combines all your important links and content in one place. Unlike traditional websites, it is mobile-friendly from the start and simple to create and manage. Bio sites are ideal for bundling and sharing your online presence.
Wonderlink stands out for its exceptional GDPR compliance, guaranteeing the protection of your followers' data and activities. Unlike other link tree tools, Wonderlink allows you to use it without any worries about data protection.
Wonderlink does not monitor or track user activity. Consequently, it does not require the storage of cookies on your users' devices. The absence of tracking cookies eliminates the need for a cookie banner.
Wonderlink Pro provides advanced features, including comprehensive statistics and extensive customization choices. The free version offers unlimited links, interactive bio site previews, personal profile pictures and customizable background color options – perfect for getting started.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU privacy law that safeguards individuals' data protection and privacy. Compliance with GDPR ensures that a platform like Wonderlink adheres to specific requirements and upholds user privacy.
"No user tracking" means that Wonderlink does not monitor user activity or analyse their actions on other websites. This guarantees the privacy of users and prevents the use of user data for advertising purposes.
You can incorporate a diverse array of content and links into your Wonderlink, such as social media profiles, products, services, blogs, music, videos, NFTs, and much more. There are virtually no limits to your creativity.
You can share your Wonderlink in your social media bio. You can do this on all platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also include it in email signatures, newsletters and on partner websites. If you'd like to promote your Wonderlink offline, you can generate a QR code for print products.
The number of links depends on your goals. If you prioritise clicks and conversions, we recommend 3-7 links. For users who want to showcase their work, more than seven links are ideal. This helps to manage traffic efficiently.
Yes, you can. We work with an IT law firm that allows you to create these legal documents and directly integrate them into Wonderlink. So you have everything in one place.